Join Emylla

We’re expanding and looking for talented and motivated people like you! Based in West Michigan, we are a passionate team of problem solvers … doers, dreamers, developers and data heads! Check out our current opportunities below.

Solutions Architect

The Solutions Architect at Emylla leads the problem solving process for our clients. Here are a few absolute requirements for the ideal candidate:

  • Intellectually curious and creative. Likes tackling new challenges.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none. (i.e. well-rounded in terms of business and technical experience).
  • Loves the whiteboard!
  • Excellent communication skills.

<Please apply through the Contact link, with subject line “Future Emylla Solutions Architect”>

Data Scientist

The title Data Scientist can mean different things. At Emylla, we aren’t looking for a Data Scientist that’s an expert at every aspect of the field. Rather, we’ll focus on your unique strengths and interests as a Data Scientist and build success around that. Here are a few traits of an Emylla Data Scientist:

  • A passion for solving problems with data.
  • An inquisitive mind; A life long learner.
  • The perseverance to stay with problems longer that others.

<Please apply through the Contact link, with subject line “Future Emylla Data Scientist”>

UX/UI Specialist

Emylla’s ideal candidate for UX/UI Specialist understands that the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun, but rather around UX! An Emylla UX/UI specialist will possess the following:

  • Has an acute attention to detail.
  • Gets super annoyed at poor customer service.
  • On a mission to rid the world of poor digital experiences.

<Please apply through the “Contact” link, with subject line “Future Emylla UX/UI Specialist”>

Emylla offers competitive pay, a comprehensive benefits package, and a remote/flexible work arrangement. We’re a young but growing company. In the space below will be all of our FUTURE “Best Place to Work” awards!