Predict, automate, enhance, and customize … virtually anything.

Machine learning is vital for the digital transformation of your business. Discover how Emylla’s ML solutions can create competitive advantage for your business.

“Technology has advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand. The exponential increase will only continue.”

Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist, 1930

Machine learning underpins the AI revolution that is currently disrupting and transforming business and industry. Through machine learning, we can predict, automate, optimize, classify, and customize in ways never before possible. At Emylla, we focus first on the business problems to be solved. Our experts then engineer custom machine learning models and applications that deliver results. Where do you want to start?


Take any unknown data and categorize it. With classification algorithms, we can predict things like whether a customer will leave, if a customer will default, or whether inventory will run out.

Sentiment Analysis

Using statistics, text mining, and natural language processing, we can measure opinions (or anything else) from text. What are your customers saying about you? Leverage ML to listen at a deeper level.


Streams of unstructured data? No worries, clustering algorithms can make sense of the data and provide structure. Clustering can help us create highly targeted customer segments.

Time Series

Leverage the patterns in your time series data for prediction. Applications include demand forecasting, inventory optimization, production planning, and IoT sensor data analysis.

Regression Analysis

Predict the future value of almost anything! Optimize the price of a new product? Predict the lifetime profit from a new customer? Forecast the future value of an asset? We can do that!

Image Recognition

With neural networks and clustering algorithms, we can identify, classify, and tag images. These models can then automatically find objects of interest in a photo, like a needle in a haystack!

“Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

John Adams, 2nd President of The United States of America