Unleash the value of data to engage customers, energize employees, and elevate profits.

We cut through the buzzwords to deliver the only thing that truly matters … bottom-line results.

“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.”

Francis Atterbury

How can machine learning and predictive analytics benefit your business? Emylla wants to be your guide.

Plan and forecast with pinpoint accuracy.

Prepare your business for any scenario with robust demand and cost forecasting models. Understand subtle patterns within your data, including data that you didn’t realize you had, to reveal potential problems and opportunities long before they occur. Examples include:

  • Detailed demand forecasting at a specific product and customer level.
  • Accurate, long-term cost forecasting across all aspects of your organization.
  • Predict bad debt exposure and account delinquency so that you can take action before problems occur.
  • Understand the financial impact on your organization across a nearly unlimited number of potential future scenarios.

Elevate your sales and marketing to new heights.

Anticipate each customer’s unique set of needs and provide truly personalized solutions. Deploying machine learning models across your organization’s complete data landscape makes this vision a reality. Examples include:

  • Customer segmentation: Create more refined and flexible clusters that enable true marketing personalization throughout the sales pipeline.
  • Customer defection: Machine learning models can predict if and when a customer will leave, allowing you to take action before it happens.
  • Pricing management: What is the “next best step” to raise a customer’s lifetime value (CLTV)? We can help your sales team maximize revenue and profit for every customer.

Create amazing, personalized experiences that dramatically improve customer loyalty.

Know what each customer wants, when, and how they want it. Personalized products and services turn customers into passionate advocates for your brand. Examples include:

  • A customized product recommendation engine automatically presents a customer with the specific products and services that best match her needs.
  • Personalized promotions provide greater engagement with existing customers and significantly higher levels of lead conversion.
  • Custom order management apps show customers how to bundle multiple orders to take advantage of discounts and other perks, saving them money while improving their sales and profitability.

Enhance the efficiency of your operations by uncovering the subtle patterns that drive costs.

Quickly identify inefficiencies and potential supply chain disruptions to lower costs and improve the bottom line of your P&L. Examples include:

  • Stress test” your supply chain under a wide range of scenarios and understand the patterns that lead to potential disruptions.
  • Understand which employees will provide the highest level of performance for a given project, and also the conditions that will provide them with the best chance to succeed.
  • Predict a customer’s “next transaction day,” including when they will purchase, what they will purchase, and how much. Use this knowledge to better align resources with anticipated demand, including pre-staging of inventory for the fastest possible order fulfillment.

“It is no achievement to walk a tightrope laid flat on the floor.”

Ray Kroc