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  • Case Study: Email Marketing Optimization
    Client: Calder Capital — Premier M&A firm based in Grand Rapids, MichiganProject: Email campaign optimizationResult: ↑+303% clicked emails; ↑+67% click rate Introduction Considering there are more than 4 billion daily email users, it’s no surprise that 78% of marketers say email is important to their overall company success1. But with so many marketers using email, getting […]
  • Leading Data and Technology Firms Develop Strategic Alliance
    Seeking to extend their mutual capabilities, Solvenna LLC (Chicago, Illinois) and Emylla LLC (Grand Rapids, Michigan) have formed a new strategic alliance. With this announcement, the two firms will leverage their combined expertise in data-driven technologies to further enhance client value. The new alliance, which allows for certain information sharing, resource sharing, and joint-marketing strategies, […]
  • Creating That “Can’t-Live-Without” Customer App – It Starts with Data
    How do you create a truly transformational app for your customers? The one that overwhelmingly exceeds expectations for customer engagement, market share lift, and ROI. The answer lies in the approach. Providing a one-size-fits-all app for your customers is easy – But it’s not game-changing. A better approach leverages your data for customization. This approach […]
  • Now Is the Time to Level-Up Your Team’s Analytical Skills
    In the middle ages, “reading the tea leaves” was the go-to method for predicting the future. Here is how it worked. The fortune teller would have the subject drink unstrained tea. When the drink was finished, the remaining residue in the bottom of the cup was analyzed for symbols or messages. Seeing a wild beast […]
  • Connected Data: The Fabric of Your Business Success
    We understand the challenge. You need to generate powerful insights from your data — insights into your customers, your operations, and your market that drive competitive advantage and business growth. And, you need to move fast. But your data is spread out; Dispersed among a wide variety of systems, locations, files, and applications. The structure […]