Prescriptive Marketing Is a Game Changer

‘Flying blind’ with the same digital strategies no longer cuts it. Expect better ROI from your marketing.

Update your branding!
Refresh your website!
Invest more in SEO!
Buy more online ads!
Make this new app!
Run this PPC campaign!

These are the same strategies everyone is using … and they’re simply no longer working. It’s time for a fresh approach.

In my 20+ year career as a marketing executive, I did all of these things, many times over, never achieving the results that I wanted. None of it fundamentally changed our competitive position. This frustration, and the subsequent realization that the real game-changer could be found in data, was the spark that led me to start Emylla.

Introducing Prescriptive Marketing.

Prescriptive marketing makes active use of your data to recommend a specific “next best action” for each prospect. Then, these actions are automatically triggered to successfully move the prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel and customer journey. Without a data-driven approach, marketers are left guessing …

– Should I have offered an incentive? Or, would she have purchased anyway?
– When is the best day and time to reach her?

– What message is going to be most relevant and engaging to her?
– Does she need to be contacted by a sales rep?

Prescriptive marketing takes the guesswork out of your tactical marketing decisions, reducing uncertainty and allowing your team to focus on higher-level strategies. In doing so, it helps ensure every dollar of your marketing budget is focused on opportunities that provide the greatest ROI.

It’s All About Personalization.

It’s critical to put the customer at the center of your marketing strategy. If you’re not focused on hyper-personalization, then you’re falling behind. You’re at risk of your competitors offering a better, more relevant experience and a stronger overall value proposition to your customers.

Many marketers’ idea of personalization is simply inserting a contact’s name into an email template. To drive deeper engagement, however, modern personalization strategies need to leverage AI and machine learning to inform every aspect of a customer’s interaction with your brand. Successful companies meet and engage customers wherever they are in the process, using the most relevant content and channels.

How to Get Started.

First, Emylla connects and integrates your customer data, providing a comprehensive ‘360-degree view‘ of every customer. Our data scientists leverage machine learning to predict the content that will be most relevant and engaging … for each unique contact … at every stage of the customer’s journey.

Next, our team traverses your complete customer data set and connects it with key third-party sources to uncover the deep and complex patterns driving your engagement, for each prospect. These insights are then used to generate prospect-level tags in your CRM system, which trigger your marketing automation to curate a specific message for each prospect, delivered through a particular channel, and sent at a precise date and time … based on the unique combination that provides the highest predicted probability of engagement.

In addition to automating the next-best-action, your new ‘prescriptive marketing machine’ also informs you of the highest-value opportunities, so that you’re always focused on the customers and prospects that will deliver the highest margin potential. And, as new data arrives, additional predictions come into view, including predicting the highest price you can charge to close the deal, whether a customer is about to cancel their service, and what demand will be for a particular product in a specific geographic area.

Ready to get started? A 15-minute conversation will get us rolling.