Creating That “Can’t-Live-Without” Customer App – It Starts with Data

How do you create a truly transformational app for your customers? The one that overwhelmingly exceeds expectations for customer engagement, market share lift, and ROI.

The answer lies in the approach. Providing a one-size-fits-all app for your customers is easy – But it’s not game-changing. A better approach leverages your data for customization. This approach puts advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI on center stage. Employing a data-focused methodology for your next app project offers some amazing possibilities.

  • Create a true one-to-one customer experience, uniquely personalized to each user.
  • Curate a specific, customized package of products, services, content, and promotional offers.
  • Provide an easy, sensible, and intuitive user experience by employing Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Allow your customers to snap a photo of your product, then instantly connect the user to relevant content, ordering information, related items, etc.
  • Predict a potential troubleshooting issue and proactively provide helpful information, FAQs, training, and technical advice.
  • Automatically review lengthy technical documents and extract the precise details that a customer needs, at the exact time needed.

All the above are made possible with machine learning. By intelligently leveraging your data, there is a nearly unlimited array of amazing customer experiences that you can create, and business results that you can achieve. A data-focused approach provides the spark to ignite the innovative, amazing app experience you envision.

So how do you proceed? First, get a clear picture of your customer data. Chances are you have significantly more than you realize. Make sure to look outside your CRM system, and include transaction data, SEO metrics, social media, product content, and third-party sources such as demographics, economic data, and even the weather. Machine learning thrives on deep, feature-rich data sets.

Now, with a better understanding of your data and how it is connected, consider some high-level questions?

  • How can you better leverage insights from your data to create a truly innovative and personalized app experience?
  • Where can you save your customer time? How could you better anticipate what a customer will want at any given point in the process?
  • Using that knowledge, how can you streamline or eliminate steps in the customer’s buying process? (or within whatever process your app lives)
  • Are there additional products and services that would benefit your customer? What can you recommend?
  • How can you use this knowledge to become more entrenched in your customer’s activities?

And, with additional data flowing, the machine learning algorithms powering your app will only become sharper – Making more and more accurate predictions about your customers’ needs and behaviors.

Interested in learning more? Emylla will provide a complimentary assessment of your custom app projects from a new, data-focused perspective. We’ll identify specific opportunities to leverage AI and machine learning to vastly improve the customer experience. Let’s get started!

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(Look for the second part of this blog series coming soon, where we will examine the importance of connecting your app to other systems, data sources, and business processes to ignite digital transformation within your organization)