Data Science Startup Builds AI That Delivers Bottom-Line Results

Monday, April 6, 2020 – 8:00 AM


Ada, Michigan, U.S. – Emylla LLC, a new Michigan-based data and technology firm, combines deep business experience with an advanced data science skillset to help clients maximize value from data. Analytics is the engine powering the future of business. Emylla provides businesses with a competitive edge by developing and implementing transformative data and analytics strategies, including AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, data pipeline engineering, and systems integration.

The firm is founded by Jeff Norton, whose 25-year business career includes leadership roles at General Motors and Viking Group, Inc., where he served as Vice President of Marketing and Digital Solutions. “Most companies use a tiny fraction of their data. Emylla uncovers hidden insights to help optimize performance and create new revenue streams,” says Norton. “Our solutions enable data-informed decision making at all levels of a business, which leads to better outcomes for the bottom line.”

Recognizing that every client’s business is a unique and dynamic system, Emylla emphasizes integrating “data silos” within an organization. According to Norton, “Understanding the interconnections within the system is the key to generating real results across the entire business.” Leveraging cutting-edge graph database technology, Emylla assists clients with implementing powerful enterprise-level “data fabrics” that integrate disparate data sources into a single unified view. Emylla is part of the startup partner program for Neo4j, the leading graph database platform.

The continued hyper-competitiveness across most industries has caused the margins between success and failure to become even more razor-thin. According to Norton, “Forward-thinking companies are investing in data-driven digitization strategies to turn transient competitive advantage into a foundation for long-term sustainable growth.” Looking to the future, an optimistic Norton added, “The pandemic is fundamentally shifting the way we do business. Companies are looking for every advantage. Leaders who recognize the value of a comprehensive data and analytics strategy will see their organizations grow and thrive.”

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